Spectrum Bridge is at the forefront of enabling Government Telecom Regulators with the ability to more effectively manage spectrum policy and equip local network operators with an essential but scarce resource – wireless spectrum.  Our fully configurable Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) platform and toolbox empowers Telecom Regulators with flexibility and control, enabling policy through Dynamic Policy Management (DPM).  The benefits of DPM to Regulators are described here (DPM4Regulators).


In fact, we just deployed our fully configurable DPM+DSA platform to support TVWS in Singapore!

Incidentally, over 4 Billion of the World’s citizen’s do not have Internet Access.  But fortunately neither technology nor cost is an impediment.  A sustainable solution requires alignment of innovative policy, use of low-cost wireless technologies and execution of a viable business model.

In this effort, we have also developed a Blueprint for Bringing Massive and Affordable Internet to the Underserved.  To fulfill this vision we are assembling an ecosystem of Network Operators and Stakeholders in underserved communities to partner with us and make this a reality.  This requires the alignment of Regulatory policy to enable the use of low cost wireless technology which will result in repeatable and sustainable business models – implemented from the ground-up, organically in a massively parallel effort!


Clearly, this approach is becoming essential in combining low cost wireless technology with innovative spectrum policy to cost effectively connect the underserved.  You’ve surely witnessed the link between the availability of suitable spectrum, the growth of wireless services and prosperity.  We have developed the means to make these essential relationships permanent!  Please contact us to learn more.