The FCC has adopted new rules to accommodate unlicensed wireless devices operating in the TV bands. Because the FCC recognizes that unlicensed wireless microphones are used in venues where people gather for events, and consumers and businesses rely on these devices, provisions have been made to reserve exclusive channels for this use.

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Wireless microphones can operate on these frequencies without interference from TV bands devices. Due to the fact that available channels vary by location and are subject to change, Spectrum Bridge’s Wireless Microphone Frequency Locator appprovides users with up-to-date wireless microphone channel availability for any U.S. location.

Entities desiring to operate wireless microphones on an unlicensed basis without potential interference from TVBDs may use the two reserved channels in each market area where TVBDs are not allowed to operate, as well as other TV channels that will be available in the vast majority of locations.

  • Two channels from among 21-51 (where TV bands devices cannot operate) have been designated exclusively for wireless microphone use.
  • Additional channels remain exclusively available for wireless microphones use by prohibiting personal/portable TVBDs from operating below channel 21.


If necessary, unlicensed wireless microphone venues can be registered with the FCC.Entities operating audio systems at major events where large numbers of unlicensed wireless microphones will be used and cannot be accommodated in the available channels may request registration of the site. The rules and process for this can be found in 47 C.F.R. § 15.713(h)(9).

Sites of eligible event venues using unlicensed wireless microphones must be registered with the Commission at least 30 days in advance, and the Commission will provide this information to the database managers. Entities filing registration requests will be required to certify that they are using the reserved channels and all other available channels not available for use by TV bands devices at that location.

Operators of licensed wireless microphones may register sites directly with a designated database administrator.

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