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White Papers and Publications

Database Calculation Consistency Specification

This document describes the mechanisms by which all White Space Database (WSDB) Operators in the United States TV band will provide accurate and consistent responses to channel request by TV Band Devices per Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.

Database-to-Database Synchronization Interoperability Specification

This document describes the method for White Space Database (WSDB) Operators in the United States TV band to interchange records of protected entities and fixed TVBD that are registered by one WSDB operator, but must be supplied to all other WSDB Operators per Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.

FCC Proposes to Make 150 MHz of Spectrum Available for Broadband

Amendment of the Commission’s Rules with Regard to Commercial Operations in the 3550-3650 MHz Band.  FURTHER NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING.

Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing and White Space Access: The Practical Reality

Details the paradigms of opportunistic spectrum sharing and white space access as effective means to satisfy increasing demand for high-speed wireless communication and for novel wireless communication applications.

Cognitive Radio Policy and Regulation

Techno-Economic Studies to Facilitate Dynamic Spectrum Access.  This book offers a timely reflection on how the proliferation of advanced wireless communications technologies, particularly cognitive radio (CR) can be enabled by thoroughly-considered policy and appropriate regulation.

Dynamic White Space Spectrum Access

A book by author William Webb, discussing new methods to access radio spectrum using dynamic sharing and cognitive radio.


Broadband Spectrum Licenses: Interactive Maps


Spectrum Valuations

Spectrum Bridge has provided detailed valuations for a host of clients including financial institutions, legal firms, private enterprises, and individual spectrum license holders.  SBI’s valuation customers use our data to formulate license selling and leasing strategies, creation of Requests for Proposals, to determine auction pricing, and design leasing models to accurately forecast financial returns on their spectrum.

Spectrum Bridge has gained significant experience in assessing spectrum value and offers comprehensive spectrum valuation services to our partners and customers.  Spectrum values can range significantly by type and are based on many factors such as:  availability of compatible technology, pending or proposed policy rule changes, permissible use, geographic footprint, incumbents, build-out requirements, addressable market, demographics, channel plan(s), comparable transactions, historical auction data and available technology.  Spectrum Bridge has performed valuation reports for both traditional license owners and broadcasters/TV station owners to support their accounting, business development and market analysis activities.

Customers that have utilized Spectrum Bridge’s spectrum valuation services include:  Verizon, US Cellular, 3Rivers Telco, MCLM, Airadigm, Big River Telephone, Oxbridge Financial, Mitchell County Board of Education, Convey Communications, Cook Inlet, Cross Telephone, Emory University, Maryland DoE, MetroLink, NEATT Wireless, TerraStar, US Satellite, Vanbro Corporation, Wirefree Partners, New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority and Zooom/CNI Wireless.

For services, quotes, and additional information on our consulting services, please call us at 407-792-1570 or email us at info@spectrumbridge.com.


UNII Device Interference Advisor (UDIA)

UDIA is an online database and registry containing detailed information about Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) systems and registered UNII devices.