Spectrum Bridge, Inc. (SBI) was founded in 2007 by a team of wireless entrepreneurs and technologists on the premise that wireless market dynamics would require changes to the way spectrum is allocated and managed.  Mobile data usage from smartphones and tablets continues to grow exponentially and future generations of wireless devices and applications will continue to consume more bandwidth.  However, the current availability of spectrum is not sufficient to support this growth and a spectrum deficit looms unless spectrum is more efficiently used.

Our mission is to virtualize spectrum with cloud-based software that dynamically allocates and manages spectrum for next generation wireless networks.  In this pursuit, we have created a platform that improves spectrum utilization and availability.  We are a recognized thought leader in spectrum management, globally and the company has employed a continuous innovation process for developing technology.   We have produced extensive Intellectual Property for managing spectrum and our platform was the first certified by the FCC and Ofcom (UK) for managing TV white spaces.


Spectrum Bridge is a venture backed software and services company.