White Space Overview

TV White Spaces (TVWS) are vacant frequencies made available for unlicensed use at locations where spectrum is not being used by licensed services, such as television broadcasting. This spectrum is located in the VHF (54-216 MHz) and UHF (470-698 MHz) bands and has characteristics that make it highly desirable for wireless communications.

Spectrum Bridge, Inc. (SBI) is recognized as a global leader in the TV White Space ecosystem and was certified as the first TVWS Database Administrator in the United States.  SBI has developed numerous products and solutions for the TVWS industry.

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Network Operators & Service Providers

Spectrum Bridge offers a variety of solutions to empower the White Space ecosystem. As more devices are deployed in unlicensed bands, operators need solutions to manage and optimize the performance of wireless networks. Our White Space Plus solution addresses this need and will ensure your network operates at peak performance. This solution offers guided channel selection and real-time interference alerts to equip your network with the best available channels available and mitigate interference.

Partner Program

Spectrum Bridge's Partner Program provides the knowledge and resources manufacturers need to bring products to market quickly and efficiently. OEMs and radio manufacturers interested in having a product meet compliance for FCC certification can join us to gain direct access to our resources and expertise today.

Protected Entity – License Registration

Incumbent users such as TV broadcasters, wireless microphone users, and other protected entities may be entitled to protection from potential interference created by TVBD devices. Register for protection today.

License holders may also use our complimentary Call Sign Monitoring service to receive real-time alerts and continuous monitoring that identifies registration activities associated with their FCC call signs.

White Space Knowledge Center

SBI offers a collection of tools, data, success stories and information to help you develop your white space solution. Visit our White Space Knowledge Center and lean more now.

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