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Spectrum Bridge products and services provide the platform to effectively manage the dynamic relationship between the supply and demand of wireless spectrum.  This enhanced ability allows customers and service providers to access available spectrum based on cost, available bandwidth or service quality.


Spectrum Bridge's innovative technology platform enables the business of connecting and managing access to devices on the wireless internet.  Our products and services empower wireless mobility across business, industry and consumer markets.

TV White Space

Originally developed to educate consumers about TV White Spaces, Show My White Space has evolved into a live, fully functional platform.



The Online Marketplace for Spectrum, SpecEx allows buyers and sellers to search and find available spectrum on the secondary market.


TV Band spectrum holders (broadcasters, public safety "T-Band" network operators and other incumbent TV spectrum users) can now monitor their Call Signs for registration activity.

White Space Plus

White Space Plus service provides many features designed to help you optimize the performance of your Whitespace Network.


UDIA is an online database and registry containing detailed information about Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) systems and registered UNII devices.

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