Spectrum Bridge Intellectual Property

Innovation is a key component of our business and we treat our intellectual property as a strategic asset. The following list includes all patents owned by Spectrum Bridge that are included in one or more of the products and services referenced on our website. We only list granted US patents, we do not list information on pending patents or patents that have been filed or granted outside the US. For more information on our Intellectual Property portfolio or for licensing opportunities please email us at IPinfo@spectrumbridge.com.

Spectrum Bridge Patent Information

7,958,041 Spectrum management system

8,041,627 System and method for identifying spectrum with transferable access rights

8,073,458 System and method for automated optimization of spectrum allocation

8,139,496 System and method for policing spectrum usage

8,160,599 System and method for managing spectrum allocation

8,175,612 System and method for map-based radio spectrum allocation search

8,233,928 System and method for managing spectrum allocation

8,234,208 System and method for spectrum management

8,249,966 System and method for spectrum management

8,279,823 Spectrum allocation system and method

8,290,848 System and method for establishing an index for spectrum used to support wireless communications

8,380,194 System and method for providing network access to electronic devices

8,406,188 System and method for managing a wireless radio network

8,457,644 System and method for planning a wireless network

8,504,087 System and method for controlling access to spectrum for wireless communications

8,521,636 Automated spectrum exchange system and method

8,526,944 System and method for providing network access to electronic devices

8,532,686 System and method for managing spectrum resources

8,576,817 System and method for managing radio access to spectrum and to a spectrum management system

8,577,300 Support for wireless radio device in multiple wireless regulatory domains

8,583,157 System and method for managing spectrum allocation

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Spectrum Bridge takes great care to establish the trust and experience associated with it’s trademarks. Those trademarks include:

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  • SpecEx Spectrum Index
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