Management Team

The members of the Spectrum Bridge management team have a long history of creating companies that delivered innovative technologies into the marketplace. Most recently, they were the senior management team of MeshNetworks, acquired by Motorola in late 2004. The team has created several successful startups, each of which resulted in either an acquisition or IPO.

Richard Licursi, Executive Chairman

Mr. Licursi is the Chairman and co-founder of Spectrum Bridge. He was also a co-founder, President and CEO of MeshNetworks Inc., which became recognized as the global leader in mobile mesh networking technology. Upon Motorola’s acquisition of MeshNetworks in 2004, he held the position of Vice President and Director of Operations for the Mesh Product Group. Mr. Licursi has successfully exited four venture-backed deals.

Peter Stanforth, CTO

As CTO and co-founder of Spectrum Bridge, Mr. Stanforth is responsible for managing intellectual property development and aspects of Product Development and Operations. Prior to co-founding Spectrum Bridge, Mr. Stanforth was co-founder and CTO of MeshNetworks, Inc, where he was responsible for managing the strategic business and technical aspects of product development and operations. MeshNetworks owns 100 patents on ad-hoc and broadband wireless technologies, of which he authored 20, and has over 100 pending applications.

Jeff Schmidt, Vice President of Engineering

As Vice President of Engineering, Mr. Schmidt leads Spectrum Bridge's product and technology development strategy.  He has over 20 years of experience in the wireless communications industry at firms including Motorola, MeshNetworks, Comsat, and Lockheed Martin.  As an innovator, Mr. Schmidt has been instrumental in developing new broadband communications technologies, obtained FCC type acceptance on numerous products, deployed large scale networks and holds several design patents in this field.  He holds MSEE and BSE (Magna Cum Laude) degrees from the University of Central Florida and published papers on antenna design and spectrum policy.

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