Investor Relations

Spectrum Bridge is a venture backed software and services company dedicated to redefining the way in which spectrum is made available, accessed and allocated. 


Our current investors include:

Espírito Santo Ventures is a venture capital firm of Espírito Santo Group, focused on technology based companies and innovative business projects with high-growth potential. Established in early 2000 as a venture capital holding, Espírito Santo Ventures has recently changed to a venture capital fund management company, in order to accept funds from other investors outside Banco Espírito Santo (BES) Group. The leverage of BES and Espírito Santo Ventures management relationships, BES strong presence in the Portuguese corporate sector and the long-term international relationships of the Espírito Santo Group, as well as the access to the top Portuguese universities and research institutes projects, provide a quality deal-flow for the venture funds we manage. E.S Ventures has invested € 70 Millions, and currently manages an investment fund of € 90 Million.

MILCOM Venture Partners (MVP) is the leading venture capital firm focused on the intersection of the commercial and defense markets. MVP manages two venture capital funds: MILCOM Technologies, a seed-stage investment fund; and OnPointTechnologies, an early-stage venture capital fund.

Telecommunications Development Fund (TDF) acts as a catalyst for the creation and enhancement of a first class communications system for all Americans by promoting access to capital for small businesses in the telecommunications industry. TDF pursues investments in companies that develop and market hardware and software platforms, middleware, services, interfaces, protocols and applications.

True Ventures partners with promising entrepreneurs at the earliest stages in the highest-growth segments of the technology market, where history demonstrates the best rates of return. We invest not the most we can, but the amount that makes the most sense for the business. Our investment gives the fund a meaningful ownership position, but more importantly reflects the actual needs and true value of the company. We provide hands-on management support to guide our portfolio companies through the challenges of early growth. In subsequent financing rounds, we work with trusted colleagues at other top-tier funds to build valuable syndicates for your company, but we have the financial strength to participate for the long term. We believe our focus and experience mitigate risk, and we hope our values create shared success.

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